Wilding Woods

Isnetworld, general H&S support Thanks Karen your the best. Hi Karen and Rod. Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support. You guys rock Dan

T&A Fencing

Thank you so much for all your time especially over the weekend to help us complete this, we couldn’t of done it without you guys. Apikara  

Intouch Medical Ltd

Hi Rod, Great job! Thanks for doing this so quickly and for your time and direction over the phone. Best regards Michelle

Honest Tree Work Limited

Hi Bill and Rod, Thanks so much for your help with our H/S documents, and with our SHE pre-approval. We’re absolutely stoked with your services, and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others. Appreciate the quality of the documents and the expert advice, you made a pretty complex process feel smooth and easy, and we genuinely feel much more confident in our own H/S systems. Thanks heaps! Jeremy

Collier Civil

SHE Assure – Yessssss!  it’s done!  Thank you so much for all your work and guidance along the way.  There is no way I could have done/or had the capacity to complete this as well with all our new business start up requirements. Abby  


So happy with Bill, he was just amazing. Supa helpful and easy to deal with.  Will highly recommend him. Thank you so much Rod. Becs Fox  

O’Meara Refrigeration

THANKS BILL!!!  You made an impossible mission, possible. Bill clearly told me what was needed, expected and necessary for submissions to the SHE pre-qual health and safety team.  I was completely lost and after putting the application off for 2 months he not only helped me gain SHE pre-qual, but he made me better understand my policy and showed me what i should and could be doing better. Your team are my no.1 go to for my H&S. Megan

Southern Planning Solutions Limited

Sitewise You are a superstar Bill! You guys get better and better each year. Gold standard!! Thanks so much! Kirstyn   Another sitewise by Bill. Although credit also goes to Kirstyn and all our clients as its also down to what we have to work with as to the results.

Snowhite Cleaning Services

Hi Rod Thank you for your quick response, you have saved me a lot of time and effort very much appreciated. Will now spend a bit of time studying. Regards, Ron White