Feral Control

Health and safety!!! I want my employees to be safe, I want to be safe, and I want to be out in the field doing what I love. The catch 22 was how to comply with work safe regulation, for all of us to be safe and how to document being safe and still be able to work out in the field. The answer was eSaftey. I looked at many alternatives, and without doubt eSaftey was the right choice. If you care about your employee’s safety and enjoy working alongside them – don’t hesitate to use eSafety. Bryan Ritchie

The Cleaning Firm

Fantastic thankyou Rod. Great turnaround time. Already off to my client. Will be a massive help in the future. Cheers Cameron

Southern Planning Solutions Limited

Thank you to both of you. You made this process so easy for me. I really appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues in the future. Kirstyn

Contracts Manager – BE (Civil)

To whom it may concern. We have had the pleasure of working with Rod at eSafety for a number of years and we have found the assistance and reassurance we get from their approach and the quality of their system has been much appreciated.Our staff have found their apps easy to use and very effective. The confidence that we have a workable and compliant system for health and safety is very reassuring and we do appreciate the efforts that Rod has gone to in making sure that all staff really understand how the system works and where the responsibility lies with safety rules. We also appreciate the way that Rod is patient with explaining how to get the best use of the apps. He gets our hearty recommendation as a reliable and competent supplier. Kind regards Mike Vinkenvleugel

Silver Bullet Concrete Pumps

You did it Karen you did it!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Seriously if you were in front of me, I would kiss you right now!!! Has anyone told you how wonderful you are today? I hope I am the first. In all seriousness, thank you Karen. You guys are great 🙂 Kind Regards,

Harvey Noble Carriers Ltd

Hi Karen..Came through today..YAAAAY GOT THERE. Thanks to you..awesome work! We would of still been a red light without you and your awesome work. When we asked if we could add this comment to the website, we received this: Till next renewal take care

S Reid

YESSSSSSS Im green 1st attempt Karen awesome work thank you.

Wilding Woods

Isnetworld, general H&S support Thanks Karen your the best. Hi Karen and Rod. Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your support. You guys rock Dan

Elektra Electrical Limited

Good Morning Karen I have received an email from sitewise and our assessment was successful with pass score of 85%. Can you please forward me the invoice and new Health and safety policy. Thanks again for all your and Rod help. Kind Regards


Hi, Karen, thank you very much for your help, we have passed, much appreciated. Regards, Bruce