Hotel, Motel Housekeeping

General Risks (these are compulsory & included automatically)

tick Alcohol, Drugs or Medication tick Manual Handling
tick Allergies tick Microwave Oven
tick Amenities tick Noise
tick Broken Glass tick OOS/RSI
tick Changing Attachments on Tools or Equipment tick Pathways, Stairwells & Exits
tick Chemicals, Paints, Sprays, Poisons & Solvents tick Power Leads
tick Company Vehicles tick Practical Jokes in the Workplace
tick Contractors, Subcontractors tick Rushing Jobs
tick Dehydration tick Slippery Floors
tick Electrical Equipment tick Stairways
tick Equipment Maintenance & Servicing tick Stress
tick Faulty Machinery/Equipment tick Training
tick Fire Equipment Access tick Trip Risks
tick Flammable Substances tick Wet Floors
tick General Public & Visitors tick Working Alone & at Night
tick Ladders tick Work Left in an Unsafe Condition
tick Locking Out Machinery/Equipment tick Work Place Aggression

Office Risks (these are compulsory & included automatically)

tick Air Conditioning tick Entering the Workshop
tick Children in the Workplace tick Lighting in the Office
tick Computer Workstations tick Office Furniture, Chairs, Desks
tick Drawers in Work Area tick Reaching to High Places
tick Filing Cabinets, Cupboards Shelving & Office Equipment

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